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Do We Need a Leadership Revolution?

Leaders Everywhere Are Struggling To Be Effective In The Chaos We Call The Modern World.

Busyness, divorce, unethical behavior, fatherlessness, abandonment of responsibility, and purposelessness are common today reflecting a breakdown in effective leadership at the personal, community, and professional level.

We Need a Leadership Revolution

People in every nation are in need of Christ as the difficulties rise globally. We don't lack for men, methods, money, and organizations to meet the needs. We do lack leadership through whom Christ can fully work. God is on a mission and seeks to use anyone who is wholly devoted to Him. Leadership Revolution was founded to equip leaders of the future - one in whom Christ lives and through whom He can lead.

We would like to empower you to establish Christ as your Leader. Please explore the tools and training resources we have to serve you personally or your small group / organization / church / company.
We Do Three Things:
  • Equip and Coach Leaders
  • Partner with Organizations to Develop their Leaders
  • Provide Tools and a Training Process
We Facilitate a Four-Level Equipping Process:
  • Create Awareness of Christ as the Leader
  • Build an Understanding of Transformational Leadership Principles
  • Foster Application Through Best Practices
  • Gain Mulitiplication by Partnering with Organizations
We Deliver Through Several Methods:
  • Awareness is provided through Conferences, Book, Online Content and Social Media
  • Understanding is captured in Small Groups, Leadership Roundtables and Online
  • Application is achieved by One-on-One Mentoring, Coaching and Practical Experience
  • Mulitiplication is accomplished by Training and sending Trainers