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4 Ways to Live Your Purpose as a Leader

Written by Kevin Light

Resful | Faithful | Thankful | Hopeful

A friend of mine recently asked me, “I get the idea of having a purpose and living with power in my mind, but what do I do? How do I make this practical?”

Living out your purpose is a daily activity which sometimes is filled with joy and adventure, and at other times, it is a daily perseverance and grind...


Training Churches Planters in China

Written by Kevin Light

Learning about the One Leader

I have recently returned from a week in China training some 80 leaders in a rural city. These leaders have planted 1,600 home churches in central part of the country. They’re very committed to Christ and have endured many hardships to take the Gospel to over 1 billion people...


Stunning New Ministry Update from Tanzania

Written by Kevin Light

One Leader Training in Action

We just received this new update from Mark Levesque, Director of Pastoral Ministries at For His Glory Ministries, about One Leader training being done in Tanzania. Please read his exciting update...

Sending out Trainers of Entrepreneurs to Latin America

Written by Kevin Light

Guatemala City, Guatemala

In mid-November, we trained 20 trainers for the Micro-MBA Project who will be working to become master-trainers. We are leaving Guatemala City to launch this project, and it has been an amazing start and will be excited to see how the Lord works in this area of ministry...


Partnering with For His Glory in Tanzania

Written by Kevin Light

Preaching the Gospel to some 450,000 People

For His Glory is an evangelism ministry working in Iringa, Tanzania. Earlier this they held a series of festivals and preached the gospel to some 450,000 people with over 79,000 making commitments to Christ... 


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