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Leading in Uncertain Times in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Why and How to Use the SERVE Model

By Bruce Witt
Leadership Revolution partnered with Cultura Financiera to teach and train 100 top business executives in the capital city of Honduras – Tegucigalpa on “Leading in Uncertain Times.” Together we partnered with one of the largest churches in the city who already have a thriving business ministry. They believe in helping their business people and those business executives in the community it will strengthen their church and their community.

Leading in Uncertain Times covered a variety of topics including leadership, business planning, customer service, operations, teambuilding, change management and exceling at results.

Top Problems and Issues detailed by 3 global studies by IBM with 4000+ CEO’s over 5 last years as well as 3 independent studies by top consultants in USA, UK, and the global marketplace 

- Uncertainty and Disruptive Markets
- Increasing Competition (foreign, internet., major retailers) 
- Pace, Complexity and Volume of Information
- Recruit and Keep Quality Talent
- Change and Scale

Meeting These Needs through the SERVE Model  - Leadership Operating System  - 5 Disciplines 

This will help you identify issues, analyze current leadership / organization and provide solutions

SERVE: The Five Disciplines  - A Leadership Operating System    
S – Shape your Leadership   
Champion a Culture of Triple Value  | Growth

E – Engage with Vision           
Focus on Strategy and Customers | Priorities

R – Refine your Process        
Work on the Business | Quality

V – Value your People             
Empower Teams
|  Unity

E – Excel at Results                   
Be Superior | Change and Innovation