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Transformational Paradigm – There is One Leader

“What are the foundational leadership truths related to the idea of One Leader?”

That’s the question that we’re frequently asked as we share biblical leadership principles around the world. In this brief article, let’s look at Leadership Truth #1 –

“There is One Leader and You Are Not It!”

Jesus Christ declared that He is the one and only leader in us by His life and His Spirit. He leads and works through us. We all have a role of leadership at some level and we exercise leadership as we lead from Him, nor for Him (John 14:12).

As we think and choose to accept His leadership, there are some important points to remember:

- Jesus’ leadership was not derived from His personal character of position, but solely from an intimate relationship with the Father.

- Leadership is received, not achieved.

  • The Apostle Paul’s leadership was expressed as God worked through Him. (Acts 14:27; Acts 15:4, 12; Acts 19:11; Acts 21:19)
  • God is at work at all times and desires to express himself through His creation.
  • Our hearts have become Christ’s dwelling place, and this truth grows more real in our awareness and experience as we lay hold of it by faith. (Ephesians 3:17) 

In the next article, we’ll cover Leadership Truth #2. In the meantime, please forward to this article to others!