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Connected or Isolated?

Written by Bruce Witt

Three Connection Points that We Can Start Now

In these turbulent times, with government-mandated social distancing and lockdowns in many parts of the country, one of the great challenges we face is how to be and stay connected. We’re focusing here on connections in addition to normal work/business relationships...

Transforming Troubling Times into Lasting Life

Written by Bruce Witt

How Perspective Gives Clarity of Purpose for the Future

When a crisis strikes it demands our attention, it is inescapable. The question is: Do we move through our problems and pain or become mired in it? What are the difficulties producing in us? We can transform our challenges into good when we shift our attention from time and the troubles to the eternal and its pursuit...


Rest and Refreshment

Written by Bruce Witt

A Time of Refocus and Strengthening

This crisis has forced us out of our routine and, for many of us, has given us time that we can use to strengthen our walk with the Lord and serve others. Take time to rest in the Lord. This does not mean sleep or do nothing...here are some ways to do it the right way

Contagious Grace

Written by Bruce Witt

Applying 2 Corinthians 4 to Extend it to Others

With the life of Christ in us, we can walk by faith so that we are conduits of His grace that is viral and spreads to all. The result of this contagion of grace is speaking forth thanksgiving and glorifying God. Here are more points to embrace and live out this idea of contagious grace from this passage in 2 Corinthians 4...

In Times of Great Loss, Do Not Lose Heart

Written by Bruce Witt

- the latest from the “Living in Hope with the One Leader” Bible Study Series

We may difficult days ahead with many unknowns.There will be anger, fear, despair, and even death. We will lose jobs, money, and efficiency. But we must not lose heart! In fact, as Christians, we should be a beacon of hope and encouragement to a lost world in need. This can only be accomplished by Christ living in and through us by His Spirit, being sustained by God’s eternal Word. The following are some thoughts from the verses referenced below...

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