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New Year and Renewed Focus on the Eternal

Written by Bruce Witt

The Latest Attitude Boost Series Article

By now, you’re already settling into the rhythm of the New Year. Sometimes after the holiday season, the New Year adjustment can be jarring! But the one thing that will help us not only survive but thrive is our attitude. How can we better focus on the eternal instead of the temporal? Please read more...

Keeping a Grateful Attitude

Written by Bruce Witt

The Infectious Attitude of Pastor Calson

For all of the blessings that God graciously gives us every day, we still live in difficult times. Often it feels like darkness is closing in around us, but we know that God’s purposes will not be stopped in advancing His Kingdom. How we navigate through these times with our attitude and outlook will affect our influence...

Encouraging the Faithful at Life Abundant Church

Written by Bruce Witt

Taifi Viejo, Argentina

Often time I have the privilege of teaching in local churches of which I did here in Argentina. This church was planted by the main church by two wonderful servants, Luis and Ruth, Luis was a gang member and drug dealer some eight years ago. Christ radically changed his life and now he pastors these young and growing congregation in Taifi Viejo which is one of the most challenging areas of Tucuman...


Challenging Next Generation Leaders and Pastors

Written by Bruce Witt

Buenos Aires and Tucuman, Argentina

Working with Harvesters Ministries we served and equipped some 60 pastors and another 100 leaders in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership. Life Abundant Church of Tucuman hosted us and connected many area leaders and pastors to this training...


It’s Time for an Attitude Boost!

Written by Bruce Witt

8 perspectives that will change your world

Life is full of ups and downs, encouragements and challenges, and the one thing that will help us not only survive but thrive is our attitude. Here are eight perspectives that frame your life journey—applying them can open your life to radical change and make a lasting difference in your purpose and outlook...  

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