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How to Value People and Empower Teams

Written by Kevin Light

The "V" in the SERVE Model

When something or someone is valued, it is held to be precious or of high worth. It is treasured and sought after and often times very rare. This is exactly how great leaders feel and treat their people – a precious and rare resource that needs to be protected and invested in rather than used or milked. Read More...


The Art of Refining Your Process in Leadership

Written by Kevin Light

The SERVE Model

The word refining means to purify or to improve one’s quality or nature. Leaders apply this idea to the internal processes and structures of the business in order to monitor progress and identify opportunities to improve.  


How to Engage with Vision

Written by Kevin Light

Understanding and Applying the SERVE Model

Whether you’re serving your family, your church, your neighbor, or your colleagues and staff, the next step in servant leadership is to engage with vision. Leaders engage people to the cause with a compelling vision. It is much like a clutch when it engages the engine to the transmission and powertrain, the vehicle moves forward. Without engaged people the organization has no progress. 


Leadership Revolution in Mexico

Written by Kevin Light

Sharing the One Leader Message

Mexico is a great nation yet it is also in need of a leadership transformation. They are a country with a rich heritage, yet they suffer from the drug cartel, crime, violence and a sagging economy. They have had over 80,000 people killed due to the war on drugs, this includes 10,000 police. 80% of all crimes are unresolved.

How to Shape Your Leadership

Written by Kevin Light

The First Discipline of The SERVE Model

When developing leaders we need to answer the following basic questions of Why, How, and What. The SERVE model that we use in training scenarios around the world connects with all three of these elements. In this article series, we’ll begin to close the loop of leadership by giving you tools on the How and Why.

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