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More Transformational Leadership Training in Kenya

Written by Bruce Witt

- Plus Renewing Your Energy in Serving the Lord

My hosts, Onesmus and Joyce Weru are truly amazing servants of the Lord. As they have worked tirelessly over the years with thousands of pastors here in Kenya, their heart’s desire is to equip leaders to take the Gospel to the everyone including the least, the last, and the lost. Many of these pastors have a true calling and a huge heart, yet they need training in leadership. It is from that background and need that we arranged meetings and gave One Leader training...

Challenging Business Leaders on the Power of Purpose - Eldoret, Kenya

Written by Bruce Witt

An Unexpected Opportunity

One of the interesting things on a trip like this to Kenya, Africa is to see and watch what the Lord does. How He uses both challenges and open doors for Him to work through you. Today was to be a travel day going from Nairobi to Eldoret. The plan was to take an early morning plane and then meet with pastors in the city for tomorrow’s leadership conference...


Kenya’s Hunger

Written by Bruce Witt

Desiring a New Kind of Leadership

Kenya is a country of some 40 million people and has enjoyed relative peace and a strong Christian heritage for a number of years. Still they face many problems and challenges such as deep poverty in many of the cities and rural towns, the lack an effective education system that equips the young for good jobs, increasing corruption in both the business and government sectors which point a to need for effectual leadership. It was from these needs that 3 Strands and Onemus Weru sought to partner with Leadership Revolution to bring a fresh approach to leadership.


How to Triumph in Turbulent Times – Good News

Written by Bruce Witt

8 Secrets to Master the Mountains and Experience Victory in the Valleys

During a recent leadership conference in Torremolinos, Spain, I shared with them the teaching that we need throughout the regions that we serve called “Triumph in Turbulent Times.” This teaching truly resonated as we look around the world and its economic and politically challenges...


Flourishing in Troubling Times

Written by Bruce Witt

New Life Church - San Jose, Costa Rica

I had the opportunity to talk with 300+ people from the New Life Church in San Jose, Costa Rica this weekend. The response was overwhelming, as people could clearly see their need and yet understand the path to take for growth. The challenge we face is clear...
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