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The Leadership Power of Multiplication

Written by Bruce Witt

Teamwork Defined

What’s the phrase? “No man is an island.” One of the flaws in human nature is the idea of independence and staunch reliance on self to accomplish goals in life. However the One Leader, Jesus Christ, says differently...


A Ministry Reborn

Written by Bruce Witt

God Uses the One Leader Message in a Unique Way

God is advancing the One Leader message in ways that we never imagined—here’s an encouraging note from a recent training leader in Egypt –

How Leadership Revolution has Equipped a Total of 1,000 leaders from 25 nations This Year!

Written by Bruce Witt

Jesus Christ, The One True Leader, is using His Message of Leadership Across the Globe

What a great year in 2015 of God-sized results and opportunities for Leadership Revolution! Whether it’s been training leaders in 8 cities throughout India or 115 leaders representing 8 Arabic-speaking regions in Egypt, the Lord has opened up a number of significant doors to equip a total of 1,000 leaders from 25 nations in 7 organizations. The goal for sharing the One Leader message is... 


How to Build a Legacy of Influence with Future Generations

Written by Bruce Witt

Reaching to the 3rd and 4th Generations

One of most powerful aspects of leadership is the principle that may get the least amount of attention, and it’s the 5th One Leader Foundational Leadership Principle of servant leadership – 


Serving as Second: The 3 Foundations of Servant Leadership

Written by Bruce Witt

Following the Ultimate Servant

As a leader, do you ever feel the “pressure to perform” in front of your team or group? To have all of the answers? To be the dynamic front-runner? Here’s the good news.

Our one true leader, Jesus Christ, led by serving in love and humility (Mark 10:45), and it seems contrary to the perceived strong leaders that we emulate in western culture. Read More...

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