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Certainty in the Midst of Uncertainty

Written by Kevin Light

The Latest "Living in Hope with the One Leader" Study Series

New Free Bible Study Download - When our world and our thinking rests on certainty, we can make plans and go forward. Without this certainty we tend to become frozen in our thinking and stuck in place, both of which cause frustration and angst. Here are four ways to take our minds captive during times like this…read more


Training Ethiopian Business Leaders Continues in Addis Abba

Written by Kevin Light

Encouraging Pastors Through Remote Meetings

The Covid Pandemic may have ground the planes, but it has not grounded Leadership Revolution. In November 2019, we participated in a conference for over 50 business leaders in Ethiopia to help encourage and grow local businesses to further extend the reach and fruit of the Gospel...


Please help our African and Indian brothers and sisters

Written by Kevin Light

Starvation Relief Project for Pastors

Though we’re all experiencing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, our brothers and sisters in Africa and India are faced with challenges in basic, daily life such as food and water.


Connected or Isolated?

Written by Kevin Light

Three Connection Points that We Can Start Now

In these turbulent times, with government-mandated social distancing and lockdowns in many parts of the country, one of the great challenges we face is how to be and stay connected. We’re focusing here on connections in addition to normal work/business relationships...

Transforming Troubling Times into Lasting Life

Written by Kevin Light

How Perspective Gives Clarity of Purpose for the Future

When a crisis strikes it demands our attention, it is inescapable. The question is: Do we move through our problems and pain or become mired in it? What are the difficulties producing in us? We can transform our challenges into good when we shift our attention from time and the troubles to the eternal and its pursuit...

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