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7 Absolutes to Living Well and Finishing Strong

Written by Kevin Light

The Essence of Servanthood

We at Leadership Revolution recognize there are seven absolutes to living well and finishing strong. The first and most important is Christ at the center and the other six factors revolve around this.  The challenge is to keep growing in each of these areas and not be too weighted in any one or two areas and overlook the others. Here is a representation of these seven attributes...


Leadership Training in Paraguay

Written by Kevin Light

Paraguay Military Chaplains Following the One Leader

As a result of connecting with the top military chaplain in the armed services of Paraguay, Col Guireciendo Oviedo, I had the rare opportunity to teach principles of spiritual leadership with almost 40 men and women...please read more



Training Pastors, Leaders, and Missionaries in Paraguay

Written by Kevin Light

Having Triumph in Turbulent Times

Leadership Revolution teamed with Johnson Ferry Baptist Church to train 120 pastors, leaders and missionaries of the Baptist Convention of Paraguay. We were invited by the new president of the Baptist Convention to invest spiritually into these leaders. Read the exciting results of this trip...


Partnering with Parliamento y Fe in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Written by Kevin Light

Proclaiming the One Leader

Parliament and Faith (Parliament y Fe) is a ministry that was born in 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ in the world of politics. It was founded by Pastor Luciano Bangarra. Their objective is clear...


The Power of Attitude

Written by Kevin Light

Hoffmantown Church Pastors Retreat - Albuquerque, New Mexico

The pastors of Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque, NM had a 3-day retreat to get away on focus on both heart issues and leadership strategy. We spent a significant portion of our time on the subject of "The Power of Attitude." Here are some of the highlights...

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