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9 Practical Ways to Follow God’s Lead in Your Day-to-Day Leadership

by Bruce Witt

As we continue to review the principles in One Leader Model, let’s taking a closer look at Leadership Truth #2 –

“Leaders Release His Power Through Brokenness and Surrender.”

Though many of us may have difficulty acknowledging the values of brokenness, it’s during these moments in our lives where God brings us to an end of our own resources by suffering, pain and trial. Flesh patterns are exposed, and it hurts. In summary, we’re all called to die quick and die often to our own ways.

Then through the freeing power of surrender, we have the privilege of giving up and allow Christ to be Lord. We die to self, releasing Christ’s life and leadership. In addition to the critical attitude of humility and accountability, there are 9 practical ways to follow God’s lead in your day-to-day leadership –

1. Submit Daily. Give up control of outcomes and our perceived gain.

2. Acknowledge your weakness and falling short. Be vulnerable.

3. Wholly and fully desire God’s will in all circumstances.

4. Accept that you can’t, but only He can.

5. Recognize your flesh patterns and offer them to the Lord.

6. Serve others. Relinquish the world.

7. Repent of sin.

8. Restore broken relationships. Take the lead, and make the first move.

9. Receive God’s grace and mercy, and then give it away.

French Roman Catholic archbishop, theologian, poet and writer, Francois Fenelon, said it best on this virtue –

“And the very proof that God loves you is that He does not spare you, but lays upon you the cross of Jesus Christ. Whatever spiritual knowledge or feelings that we may have, they are all a delusion if they do not lead us to the real and constant practice of dying to self. And it is true that we do not die without suffering. Nor is it possible to be considered truly dead while there is any part of us which is yet alive.”

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