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A Ministry Reborn

God Uses the One Leader Message in a Unique Way

God is advancing the One Leader message in ways that we never imagined—here’s an encouraging note from a recent training leader in Egypt –

“We would like to thank you for all the love and effort you have shown to the MELTI team during your Egypt visit. We have seen God’s love portrayed in you. Your professionalism and experience taught us a lot. God is certainly working in and through you.

As for the conference, God has used you mightily to cause eternal changes and life changing decisions in many of the participants. People shared amazing stories on how your teaching and material had a profound impact on their personal and practical life.

One of the participants, who is from a very closed and tough area in Egypt, had halted his youth ministry before coming to the conference because of leadership problems in his church. After attending the conference, he decided to restart his youth meeting again and to humble himself in front of the Lord and go back to his church and ministry. Others are very enthusiastic to take the material further by teaching it in their churches, services, and work place.

Our interpreter in the TOT was very excited about the teaching. He sent us a thank you note and advised us to try and propagate this teaching not only to churches but to secular organizations and even to government officials.”

So, there are God-sized opportunities for Leadership Revolution! The need has never been greater for Christ to be the leader in every sector of society.

Thank you for your support, prayers, and partnership! 

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