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Do Not Fear

God’s Promises and Provisions

By Bruce Witt

Overcoming fear is found in the character of God and His promises. These promises give us hope that fuels our faith.

Fear comes from Satan, the world, our enemies, circumstances, loss, being out of control, evil, and being ruled by feelings. Fear leads to anger, greed, selfishness, overcontrol, despair, and/or depression. We need to recognize fear, face it, and walk through it in the strength and presence of the Lord.

To overcome fear at a heart level, we need a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and a faith in God’s promises and provisions. I want to encourage us to focus on His promises in these times of uncertainty. Then, overcoming fear is not just for us and our needs, it is truly for others and being a help to others by serving their needs.

God is loving and faithful in answering our prayers—“Lord, thank You so much for your amazing love and faithfulness towards me. Thank You that You promise to fulfill your purpose for me. Help me to live a life of love and faithfulness.” When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and He lives in us. We are called to know God’s love, experience God’s love, and believe God’s love.

The more you love God and demonstrate that reality by loving one another, the less you are prey to fear. Develop a culture of love—giving and receiving love. This is the opposite of competition and gossip.

The more love you give to others, the more fear disappears— “Lord, thank You that you love me unconditionally, wholeheartedly and continually. Thank You that perfect love casts out all fear Love is not weak. The people who really know God resist evil leaders. Lord, help us to be a people of love who know their God, stand firm, overcome our fears, resist evil, and take action.”


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