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Hundreds Walking Closer with the One Leader

New Ghana Ministry Update

By Sam Oppong

Hunger for sound biblical teaching is everywhere, and we continue to receive requests for new classes to be started at new centers.

31 Pastor/Elders attended a teacher training seminar from those that had participated in an earlier Leadership Revolution conference led by Dr. Bruce Witt at Nkwanta (Near Sunyani). More than 100 Pastors and their wives also participated in a three-day Christian Marriage conference in Aflao in June. In addition to our conferences, etc. there are 360 students in 20 classes taking our Biblical foundations, Leadership Foundations and MINTS courses.

Training Testimonies

One of the Kumasi Leadership Revolution introductory seminar participants, Bishop Darko Boateng called me early the next morning (6.40am) to tell me how helpful and timely the seminar was.

He said, the night after the seminar, the Lord asked him to search the scriptures to see how the statement “walking with the Lord/Jesus” has been used.

According to him, he searched both the New Testament, OT and googled early in the morning, but all the quotations he saw were in the OT, none in the NT. He was so excited and decided to call me to inform me about his findings, confirming what we discussed the previous day.

He said that it has surprised him why we have been singing and talking about trying to “walk closer with Jesus” without talking about the reality that He is within us, and we are in Him as believers.

He continued, “this is something we have to start teaching. We only need to be patient as people will react first before accepting these truths. I heard testimonies about the training classes, but never understood until I became a student. I have realized that the aim of Leadership International and the training classes is to impact the lives of Church leaders to enable them acquire knowledge and be more fruitful in ministry. My encounter with the school was an encounter with the truth. I believe the Lord started these classes for us in Ghana for a purpose. Thank you for making it possible for us.”

We have a praise and a prayer request:

- We’re praising God for the impact of our conferences and training classes on the lives and ministries of Church leaders from different denominations.

- We’re seeking in prayer for funds for printing of study materials and staff support; for our teachers and students; and for the right staff to help train more leaders.