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Leaders in Rwanda Trained by the One Leader

Learning the Five Disciplines of Great Leadership


By Bruce Witt

God is using His content to multiply and expand His purposes through mass media and online technology in some of the most remote areas of the world. Like you, we’re celebrating how men and women are choosing to follow the One Leader, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Sawado in Rwanda is getting a great response as he leads leadership training based on the Leadership Revolution book, SERVE – The Five Disciplines of Great Leadership. As you may recall, the SERVE Model trains leaders on the following –

  • S - Shape your Leadership
  • E - Engage with Vision
  • R - Refi ne your Process
  • V - Value People
  • E - Excel at Results

In his fervent and steadfast mission to expand this training, he quotes this scripture verse as the basis for his ministry –

“As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” – John 9:4 NIV

With this attitude, here are just a few ways, with the Lord’s favor and guidance, that he is sharing SERVE principles –

1. An interdenominational leadership training event was hosted and received a favorable response. Pastors learned the five disciplines of servant leadership that they can take back to their churches and ministries.

2. Another leadership training event occurred in the northern province where some churches leaders participated and were very interested in these materials. Most of them didn’t speak English especially in rural areas of the country, so Sawado translated the training into their native Kinyarwanda language.

3. Sawado was fortunate to do some SERVE teaching and training on the local Gospel TV station in Kigali City. The show, BTN TV, is available to all Rwandese people and abroad. The results were great, as he had the opportunity to receive calls from different parts of the country and answer questions about the ministry and its purpose. Surprisingly, he even received inquiries from neighboring countries, Burundi and Eastern DR Congo.


Please pray for Pastor Sawado's continued work for the Kingdom of God. 



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