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Leaders Learning to Hear from the Lord - Having a Sacred Pace

Victory in Mountains and Valleys Leadership Conference - Cairo, Egypt


Last weekend, we held a three-day conference for business and church leaders outside of Cairo near Alexandria. The focus of the conference was to encourage and equip leaders in their walk with the Lord so they, in turn, can equip others who will equip others. The goal is to release the Spirit of Christ through each individual and see multiplying fruit.

The need for this conference grew out of the difficult times that believers are facing in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. There is ongoing persecution from many forces. These leaders face many challenges along with a difficult economy, many see despair and lack hope. The message of the hope of Christ walking with us and through us was met with great enthusiasm, and many left with a rejuvenated hope.

The Lord allows us to walk through pain and difficulty to grow and stretch into the person we would never be on our own. We too often treat pain as the plague or the consequence of sin. The goal is to give you a new perspective – a new way to see and walk through the ups and downs of life. To experience joy in the pain and victory in the valleys.

How to Hear from the Lord

As a part of the Victory in Mountains and Valleys Conference, we did a specific teaching on "How to hear from the Lord?" We taught form a book called “Sacred Pace” written by my friend, Terry Looper. This question was one of the most prevalent of the conference. Terry outlines and describes a simple process to help each of us hear form the Lord.

Sacred Pace is a four-step process that helps Christians in all walks of life learn how to –

  • slow down their decision-making under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
  • sift through their surface desires and sinful patterns in order to receive clear, peace-filled answers from the Lord,
  • gain the confident assurance that God’s answers are His way of fulfilling the true desires he has placed in their hearts, and
  • grow closer to the One who loves them most and knows them best.

Going about life at a sacred pace involves four simple steps:

  1. Consult your Friend Jesus. Intimacy and quiet with the Lord.
  2. Gather the facts. Pray, read, gain counsel.
  3. Watch for circumstances. Keep your eyes open.
  4. Get neutral. Surrender

The book outline how we can experience the freedom that comes from truly being led by our Friend Jesus. We are encouraged to know the freedom of trusting God fully from a place of genuine neutrality. We are taught how to be set free to enjoy God’s guidance and blessing in every part of life, including but not limited to our daily work.

It's been a fantastic event here in Cairo, and Leadership Revolution feels honored to be used by the Lord to help these wonderful leaders.


You Can Have Victory! New from Bruce Witt

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This is a book about living with hope in life’s difficulties and progressing while
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We will discover answers to questions such as:

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