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Leadership in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty

What should Godly leadership be doing when people are panicking, confused, and struggling?

In times of crisis and uncertainty, leadership is probably the single most critical component that will make a difference in the lives of the people you are leading and in making a difference in the families, community, organizations, and world we are impacting.
"Spiritual leaders are a conduit for the Lord to work through and model Godly behavior, exercise wisdom in their strategy and decision making, be compassionate, and take the right action."
So, what should Godly leadership be doing when people are panicking, confused, and struggling? Leaders provide a force for good that is greater than a force of resistance or the problems. They help create change that helps people and defeats the problems.
Here are five keys to thriving in your leadership in turbulent times - 

1. The foundation for effective leadership is trust. Trust comes from Christ, character, competence, and consistency. In crisis leaders need to stay connected to the Lord first and foremost. Intimacy with the Lord provides the foundation that people can trust in. Leaders must walk with and hear from the Lord. As the Lord works in and through us, our character is shaped into Christ as our life which is a model to the world.
This character is lived out by setting and maintaining clear values. Character qualities such as honesty, integrity, transparency, and demonstrating confidence further creates trust and builds the relationship of leaders with the people that is encouraging and calming. Building trust is others focused, not selfish, or self-serving. It does not take advantage of people or the difficult situation.
2. Building on this foundation of trust, leaders provide hope and focus by casting a clarity of vision that is based in reality. This clear vision helps everyone make wise decisions and maintain focus. Along with vision leaders give strategic direction which helps everyone set goals and objectives. Strategic direction provides the critical priorities because there is never enough resources, people, or time. Spiritually, vision and strategy come from the Lord and most often it is revealed through prayer, the word, and wise counsel.
3. Leaders must also help develop and empower people to take action with a clear plan or the first concrete steps. This helps engage the people with action in relation to the vision. In difficult times, keeping people productive is important otherwise fear and the unknown cripple people.
4. Leadership must create motivation which is the fuel for the action. Motivation comes by identifying, personalizing, and clarifying the need you are trying to meet or problem you are trying to outcome. Leadership helps the people connect with the problem and this fuels their action.
5. When leadership is active and growing in each of these four components, the components working together will have a multiplying effect and become an increasing force that overcomes the opposing force of barriers or resistance. Because it is a multiplying force, It is key to understand if there is a low amount of any these four leadership elements described above, then the force for good is greatly diminished.
The Power of Overcome
Leaders need to know and define the barrier or resistance (problem to be solved) so we they can tackle it wisely. In crisis, problems loom large, yet leaders who know Christ have a power to overcome. The battle includes the problem along with world, the flesh, and the devil which are at play either directly or indirectly. Do not discount this force.
As leaders take these four actions in increasing measure and clearly understand the problem and challenges, change happens (leadership in action), problems are solved and there is victory. This is great leadership at it best!!
There is actually a Leadership Equation for Change:
(T x V x P x M > R = Change)
  • Trust x Vision x Plan x Motivation > Resistance = Change (problems solved)
Force for Good = Trust x Vision x Plan x Motivation Force of Resistance or Evile = The Problem + World + Flesh + Devil
  • M = Motivation: positive passion and values or dissatisfaction with how things are now.
  • P = Plan: daily, first concrete steps. It is the plan applied consistently towards a vision.
  • V = Vision: seeing and receiving reality (see life now and the future from God’s viewpoint)
  • T = Trust: speed of trust equals the speed of the team. Trust is what hold people together.
  • R = Resistance: the barriers to change and the problem to be solved (the battle with: world, the flesh, the devil)

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