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Leading in Uncertain Times

– San Jose, Costa Rica

Dr. Andres Panasuik and I teamed up to give a working conference to key leaders in San Jose, Costa Rica. With key executives from business, government and church in attendance we tackled the issue of Transformational Leadership and how to make this a reality in everyday life in the marketplace.

Andres focused on the personal development through the “Rockefeller Habits” and I focused on leadership / organizational development through the SERVE Model.

A servant leader focuses on the vision and mission while investing in the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong. Their simple goal is to inspire people to fulfill the vision while helping others be successful in life and in the work. The SERVE model combines leadership heart and skills with best practices and disciplines to achieve world-class results.

Organizations do not fail for the lack of effort, they work really hard. They fail for the lack of focus and execution. Focus begins with self-assessment. To succeed in a turbulent and exacting environment organizations must focus: On MISSION, Demonstrate ACCOUNTABILITY, and Achieve RESULTS

The Five SERVE Disciplines

S – Shape your Leadership    Champion a Culture of Value
E – Engage with Vision           Focus on Strategy
R – Refine your Process         Work on the Business
V – Value your People             Empower Teams
E– Excel at Results                 Be Superior

Those in attendance were very challenged to take these principles back to their arena of influence. 
Learn More about the SERVE book and how it can be used in leadership training and development for you and your team.