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Meet Calson Nyathi

Coordinator of the ONE Leader Training in Southern Africa

Meet my friend Calson Nyathi of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is the director of Evangelism Explosion for southern Africa and the regional coordinator for Leadership International. Calson has a passion and a heart for training pastors and spreading the gospel to those in need.

I have worked with Calson for the 2 years. He helped organize the One Leader training we recently conducted. He will be heading up the follow-up effort and plans are underway for each of these 20 pastors in the home cities and countries.

Zimbabwe is of extreme need of the gospel, it is also is a war torn impoverished country that has suffered greatly under the corrupt and socialistic leader – Robert Mugabe. This tyranny continues under another corrupt leader. For example fuel for cars is extremely difficult to find – the lines are over 4-5 hours to buy 7 gallons at over $15.00 US dollars per gallon. It is amazing that anything really functions here. The average person makes less that $2000 per year.

Zimbabwe is one the 3-4 poorest countries in all of Africa. In spite of these harsh conditions these pastors have sacrificed and made this leadership conference a priority.

Calson and his team will begin the work of building leaders starting here in Bulawayo and in Harare, the capital. o hear their stories of sacrifice and courage is inspiring and humbling. One pastor from Zambia has a specific mission to block the spread of Islam and seeks to reach them.