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Multiple Regions Learning How to Follow the One Leader

Training Leaders and Serving Churches in Paraguay

By Bruce Witt

Leadership Revolution has been very busy recently with a multi-stop journey through Paraguay teaching leaders how to follow the One Leader. Here are just a few encouraging updates –

Training Leaders and Pastors in Encarnacion

We just finished training about 50 leaders and pastors in the southern part of Paraguay in a city next to Argentina. This is the first of three leadership conferences we are doing throughout the country. There were pastors from many churches and many denominations. The reception was that this training is “life-changing”.

These pastors were hungry for biblical teaching on leadership that goes beyond bible school or the typical Christian leadership teaching. The One Leader process is truly revolutionary in its emphasis on Christ leading through us rather than man working out of his gifts, position, and skills.

Training Leaders in Ciudad del Este

We had about 50 pastors and leaders participate in two days of spiritual leadership training here in Ciudad del Este. Thee pastors came from Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. They represented many denominations and many churches. These leaders are very hungry for biblical truth.

They found that this training and teaching was radically different from what they have experienced or understood. They look forward to putting into practice the 7 principles of the One Leader training.

The Baptist Evangelical Convention of Paraguay

We had some 150 pastors registered for the One Leader! We spent two full days of training with these pastors at the Itracurbi Retreat center in Cordillera. The Baptist convention is growing here in Paraguay with a good mix of younger and more mature pastors. These particular pastors have a true heart for the Gospel, for discipleship and reaching their country.

We taught on subjects that included: Christ as our life, surrender, intimacy, identity, servant leadership, teambuilding and kingdom purpose. The pastors were very encouraged about the idea of Christ being the One Leader. We also spend some in-depth going through a model of developing true community through brokenness and surrender.

Teaching and Serving Churches in Asuncion

On Sunday, Peter and Anna Wlasuik and myself we went out into the community to serve several of the local Baptist pastors. In the morning we went to Bethany church – Pastor Anibal Franco. The topic of the day was forgiveness, and the Lord did a significant work in bring healing in relationships and connecting church members.

Bethany Church is a simple church serving the communities near downtown. They have about 100 members who are very close knit. On Sunday night we visit the Primeria Baptist Church of Fernando. This is a dynamic growing church who had many younger people as well as couples. We talked about a life of surrender which leads to fruitfulness and a deeper intimacy with the Lord.

Encouraging the Evangelical Military Chaplains

On Monday we had the privilege of spending two hours training the evangelical military chaplains from all various services. We discussed spiritual growth and how to have victory in the mountains and valleys of life. This topic proved to be especially relevant as this team of chaplains work with many who have great needs like PTSD, divorce, and despair.

Please pray for these leaders as they seek to follow and serve the One Leader, Jesus Christ, and their fellow citizens around them. Pray that the Kingdom of God would continue to expand in this beautiful country with beautiful people.


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