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Please help our African and Indian brothers and sisters

Starvation Relief Project for Pastors

Though we’re all experiencing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, our brothers and sisters in Africa and India are faced with challenges in basic, daily life such as food and water.

Leadership Revolution is working in three global regions: India, Zimbabwe and East Africa. We have partnered with Harvesters Ministries and Leadership International to provide finances, food, and water to the desperate pastors whose churches have been closed because of the pandemic.


12 pastor families in Zimbabwe are being faced with starvation. As food is being delivered, most of them are crying tears of joy as they received food parcels.



50 pastor families in Gentun north of Chennai are also being faced with starvation. Additionally, there are over 100 pastors serving “the least of the least” in the rural areas of the country.

$30 will buy supplies that will help a feed and sustain a family of four.

We’re asking for your support in prayers and financial gifts. Would you consider giving to this worthwhile cause? Any gifts go directly to people in need right now, and we anticipate this problem will go into 2021..


Please give online at Leadership Revolution, and please add a note that says “Pastor Relief” during the checkout process.