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Sending out Trainers of Entrepreneurs to Latin America

Guatemala City, Guatemala

In mid-November, we trained 20 trainers for the Micro-MBA Project who will be working to become master-trainers. We are leaving Guatemala City to launch this project, and it has been an amazing start and will be excited to see how the Lord works in this area of ministry.

Our vision, mission, and values for the Micro-MBA project are clear:

Vision – Raise Up Entrepreneurs to Radically Reduce Poverty and Grow Communities in Latin America

Mission –Train and Empower Entrepreneurs to Make a Difference

Values – The Poor and Marginalized, Relationships, Simplicity, Respect

Value Proposition – The Micro-MBA Project provides small business owners with basic business skills, which they can apply in their daily activities to grow and operate their businesses successfully. Furthermore, it empowers them to become self-employed.

The Micro-MBA is a learner-driven, outcomes-based entrepreneurial course delivered by certified trainers and master-trainers. What was exciting was to see the competence and commitment of these 20 trainers. We had people representing country governments, large foundations, and entrepreneur training organizations. 

Our Plan and Key Strategies

We have a very specific plan and strategy for this project:

- Work with Key Partner Organizations and “Come and See’ Churches in 6 targeted Latin American countries.

- Target the poor and marginalized people while serving any who qualify.


Our 3-5 year objectives include the following:

- Establish a network of master trainer of Micro-MBA in +20 Latin American Countries.

- Raise up 20,000 Entrepreneurs in the whole of Latin America.

- Refine the process and achieve sustainability and scalability.

- Measure the impact in terms of reducing poverty, producing jobs, and growing churches.

- Establish Micro-MBA to have a viable economic engine.

- Consider use of technology to leverage, upgrade and streamline the process and delivery.

- Look to expand beyond Latin America to India, Asia, etc.

Please Pray for this continued work that we are privileged to do in the name of the One Leader, Jesus Christ.


Download a copy of the 2017 Leadership Revolution Impact Report to see how the Micro-MBA project fits into our overall ministry strategy.