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Stunning New Ministry Update from Tanzania

One Leader Training in Action

We just received this new update from Mark Levesque, Director of Pastoral Ministries at For His Glory Ministries, about One Leader training being done in Tanzania. Please read his exciting update below –

“The [One Leader Training] had a profound effect on the church leaders in the 3 cities we trained in while in Tanzania.

This is our team and Chairman Guimo, seated in the middle. We could tell that the Chairman of the Pastors Fellowship in Kigoma, Tanzania was deeply impacted by the leadership training. He made several comments about this being the truth of God's Word, teachings from the Bible that he had not heard before, and that they were life and ministry-changing. Chairman Guimo has 6,000 members in his church. He directly oversees 26 churches and is able to influence 150 churches in a 10-mile radius around Kigoma. 

This is Pastor Zachariah translating for me. Zachariah is a powerful minister who left several businesses to preach the Gospel in and around the city of Kigoma. He said that the leadership training was liberating and exactly what the churches in Kigoma need. He teaches at the Bible school there and will be a powerful influence for Leadership Multiplication and disciple making in Kigoma.

These are the pastors and church leaders in Kigoma are committing to the work of Leadership Multiplication and T4T disciple making in their community. We saw very similar responses to the Leadership Training in Kahama and Morogoro. The total attendance in the three cities we visited in Tanzania in which we shared the Leadership Assessment and the 7 principles of Leadership were 1,038 pastors and church leaders.

In Morogoro the Leadership Training was nothing short of a spiritual transformation. The Pastors' Chairman and his board had a complete change of heart regarding the Gospel and the work of disciple making during the training. You can see the Chairman and a couple of his Board members in the next picture. The church leaders and pastors in Morogoro have a whole new level of commitment to Leadership Mutiplication and T4T, as you can see in the final picture.

Leadership Revolution and the One Leader Training model are being used by the Lord to make a huge impact in this part of the world!”

Please join us in celebrating this testimony of God’s faithfulness in training leaders to follow Him! We’re grateful to be on this journey together in multiplying impact around the world.