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The 3 Foundations of Servant Leadership and Following First

Jesus Christ is the One True Leader

By Bruce Witt

All leaders need positive leadership examples with proven attitudes and techniques for long-term success. For Christ followers, what better leadership example do we have than Jesus Christ himself? This point leads to the third leadership foundation in the One Leader teaching model –

“Leaders follow first.”

He is the Foundation  

Leadership begins by following (Luke 9:23) in a relationship with Christ. It does not begin with us. Following begins with Hope and doesn’t compete, compare, count, or control. 

Next, leadership flows from a love relationship that we receive from the Lord. It’s ceaseless, causeless, and measureless, and it’s not from a position or behavior. Our wholeness and healing comes from Him, and we’re pleasing to God. He is the vine, and we are the branches; apart from Him, we can do nothing (John 15:5).

Then, leaderships comes from our new identity in Christ by faith. Our identity in Him gives us security, significance, and satisfaction. We are sons and new creations, and we have every spiritual blessing in Him (Eph 1:3). In Christ, our needs are met and are accepted, complete, loved, and secure.

Finally by His indwelling Spirit inside us, we get the eternal benefit of eternal life (Col 1:27-29). The power of Christ is beyond what we can ask, think or do, and it gives us power, life, peace, and wisdom. He is our strength, and we function from calm not anxiety (Colossians 2:6-7). It is to “Know, Be, and Do.”

Who Are You Following?

Following Christ first lays the foundation for all leadership. We connect with Him and He makes us whole as He works through us. By following, we then serve others and influence them to engage in God’s purpose.


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