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The Power of Purpose

Why an eternal legacy?

By Bruce Witt

(Editor’s Note: This article shares content from Bruce Witt book, What Are You Giving Your Life To?, which shares how to discover purpose and legacy as a leader.)

What are YOU giving our life to? What will the product of your life add up to at the end of your days? What or who will carry on your legacy? What matters most in life? What is the purpose of life and what is the purpose of your life? Do you have a reason to wake up every day? These are questions that every person needs to wrestle with and come to a cogent, life shaping answer.

We all will give an account of how we spent our lives. The question is our faithfulness. We have been given levels of opportunity. We have a choice.

Lack of Purpose Consequences

A lack of purpose leads to many disastrous ends with numerous bad consequences. Here are just a few:

1. You are frustrated because you are not making progress and cannot seem to get ahead.

2. Busyness wins because there are no clear priorities.

3. Discontentment and discouragement occurs because you are comparing and looking around to see if others are getting ahead.

4. You have little or no lasting fruit to show for the mountains of activity being produced. There is no correlation between the work and the results.

5. Without clarity of focus, we end up pursuing the toys and trinkets of this world (wrong hope), we follow people and organizations who let us down (misplaced hope), or we live in utter despair (no hope).

A Biblical Framework

 Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

Let’s break down this verse more in-depth –

1. “For we are His workmanship” - God has a plan, purpose. We fit into His plan. God knows us,  formed us, designed us, and given us passion, and personality. (Psalm 139)

2. “created in Christ Jesus” - Intimacy, Identity, and Indwelling frame who we are which directs the doing. We work “FROM Him” which precedes “FOR Him”. Christ is our hope.

3. “for good works, which God prepared beforehand” – We are to serve and help others, we extend God’s Kingdom, and glorify Him. We join God. Light will shine in darkness, and God has it planned and works through us.

4. “so that we would walk in them.” – We carry out God’s plan. It is a journey and process, and purpose is far beyond a job and career.

Three Key Ideas

In summary, the three key ideas that that flow from these verses are –

1. God’s Design – God has a plan and purpose, and we can into it.

2. God’s Calling – We are to serve and help others, we extend God’s Kingdom, and glorify Him.

3. God’s Power for our lives – We function with the God’s power flowing in and through us. We carry out God’s plan.

What’s the main point? Life is a choice.  Live it by pursuing what will last. In the next blog, we’ll focus on the specific plan that God has for each of us.


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