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Training Ethiopian Business Leaders Continues in Addis Abba

Encouraging Pastors Through Remote Meetings


The COVID Pandemic may have ground the planes, but it has not grounded Leadership Revolution.

In November 2019, we participated in a conference for over 50 business leaders in Ethiopia to help encourage and grow local businesses to further extend the reach and fruit of the Gospel in Addis Abba, Ethiopia. The international church planting organization, Harvesters International, has been planting hundreds of churches in Ethiopia. They were looking for ways to organically sustain the work by partnering with local businesses and leaders.

So, when we planned a May 2020 follow-up live conference in the capital of Addis Abba, the COVID crisis shut down all travel. And not only shut down travel in the country, but churches are shut down, too.

Working with some enthusiastic local business leaders there, we held our first Zoom-based conference with approximately 12 Christian business leaders and owners. Even though it was an online remote digital event that still had to be translated, the conference went extremely well! The feedback was excellent.

We are planning a number of follow-up conferences for business leaders in Ethiopia over the next few weeks, and our theme and focus for these events is “Leadership in Times of Crisis”.

Here are the six Factors that we’re discussing with them:

  1. Leadership: Work with boldness and trust. Have a clear understanding of the mission. Prepare for the Unknown.
  2. People Connection: Maintain morale and connect with the heart. Account for human factors.
  3. Focus: Narrow the primary objective. Hurry carefully.
  4. Plan and Decide: Provide decisiveness, clarity, flexibility, and adaptability.
  5. Teams and Work: Be on the offense. Respond not just react.
  6. Process: Be ready for unstable times for the longer haul.

Please continue to pray for these leaders and thank you for your faithful support.

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