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Flourishing in Troubling Times Seminar

Written by Bruce Witt

Chennai, India

During the last two days Compass ministry launched a  three year Stewardship and Generosity Campaign for the nation of India. The Compass team (Richard Samuel, Johnson Samuel, and myself) equipped over 35 trainers to take the message of becoming financially free in order to serve the 1.2 billion people of India. Most of these trainers have been volunteering with Compass over the last four years and some for 12 years.

Flourishing in Troubling Times Tour Continues to Delhi, India

Written by Bruce Witt

Sharing the One Leader Message

The Lord is opening doors and doing a fresh work here in India and in particular Delhi. We trained 16 master trainers to take this message and training on hope, surrender, contentment, generosity and kingdom living to north India.


How to Excel at Results

Written by Bruce Witt

The “E” in the SERVE Model

The final step in the SERVE Model is “E” which stands for Excel at Results. Let’s explore this step further to complete your initial training in following the one true leader, Jesus Christ. 


The Power of Purpose

Written by Bruce Witt

Why an eternal legacy?

What are YOU giving our life to? What will the product of your life add up to at the end of your days? What or who will carry on your legacy? What matters most in life? What is the purpose of life and what is the purpose of your life? Do you have a reason to wake up every day? These are questions that every person needs to wrestle with and come to a cogent, life shaping answer...


Two fundamental insights on God’s plan and purpose for you

Written by Bruce Witt

What are you giving your life to?

Many wander through life without a purpose not knowing where they are or what they are supposed to be doing. When one does not have a clearly defined purpose we are exactly like the people of Israel in Judges 17:6, “In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes.” What an indictment, and this especially true for Christians...


Leadership Transformation that Multiplies the Gospel in Mexico

Written by Bruce Witt

Transforma Conference - Puebla, Mexico

Leadership Revolution is partnering with the Institute of Cultura Financeria to equip and train leaders in the business community and pastors to more effectively take the gospel throughout Latin America. This is a God-sized vision and we are already seeing fruit.

Kenya Atlanta Pastors and Ministers Fellowship

Written by Bruce Witt

Training Others with the One Leader Message

Back in mid-March, Leadership Revolution Inc had a fantastic time training and challenging a local group of leaders from the Kenya Atlanta Pastors and Ministers Fellowship on the One Leader message. This select group of pastors have a particular connection with Kenya and helping reach the Kenyan community in the USA.

CEO Roundtable in Philadelphia, PA

Written by Bruce Witt

How we coached and discipled these men

We had an in-depth training with 13 CEO’s of Life@Work in April of 2017 in the city of Philadelphia, PA. The focus of the teaching was on the integration of faith and the marketplace.

Leadership and Discipleship St. Louis CBMC Key Man Meeting

Written by Bruce Witt

Leadership is Integral to Discipleship

Discipleship is fundamental about leadership. Every disciplemaker fills the role of leadership as a “Paul” for the “Timothy”, yet the true leader is Jesus Christ working and using the Paul to teach, train, and ultimately transform the Timothy. The Paul is a vessel or conduit for the Lord to flow through to bring love, grace and the word to another man’s heart...


Hoffmantown Church Leaders

Written by Bruce Witt

Reaching Albuquerque, New Mexico

Churches so often talk about making disciples and reaching their community and yet in reality it boils down to another class or Sunday bible study where people are filled with more of the bible and few if any people are reproducing their life in Christ...


Triumph in Turbulent Times

Written by Bruce Witt

A Timely Message for Leaders

Triumph in turbulent times. Whole-life stewardship. Following the One Leader. These are key ideas that Leadership Revolution has been blessed to share in training events across the world for almost 10 years. I’m sure that you can identify with these important messages like I can—leaders desperately need them. Leaders need the truth of Jesus!


Leading in Uncertain Times

Written by Bruce Witt

– San Jose, Costa Rica

Dr. Andres Panasuik and I teamed up to give a working conference to key leaders in San Jose, Costa Rica. With key executives from business, government and church in attendance we tackled the issue of Transformational Leadership and how to make this a reality in everyday life in the marketplace...

Flourishing in Troubling Times

Written by Bruce Witt

New Life Church - San Jose, Costa Rica

I had the opportunity to talk with 300+ people from the New Life Church in San Jose, Costa Rica this weekend. The response was overwhelming, as people could clearly see their need and yet understand the path to take for growth. The challenge we face is clear...

How to Triumph in Turbulent Times – Good News

Written by Bruce Witt

8 Secrets to Master the Mountains and Experience Victory in the Valleys

During a recent leadership conference in Torremolinos, Spain, I shared with them the teaching that we need throughout the regions that we serve called “Triumph in Turbulent Times.” This teaching truly resonated as we look around the world and its economic and politically challenges...


Kenya’s Hunger

Written by Bruce Witt

Desiring a New Kind of Leadership

Kenya is a country of some 40 million people and has enjoyed relative peace and a strong Christian heritage for a number of years. Still they face many problems and challenges such as deep poverty in many of the cities and rural towns, the lack an effective education system that equips the young for good jobs, increasing corruption in both the business and government sectors which point a to need for effectual leadership. It was from these needs that 3 Strands and Onemus Weru sought to partner with Leadership Revolution to bring a fresh approach to leadership.

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