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Challenging Business Leaders on the Power of Purpose - Eldoret, Kenya

Written by Bruce Witt

An Unexpected Opportunity

One of the interesting things on a trip like this to Kenya, Africa is to see and watch what the Lord does. How He uses both challenges and open doors for Him to work through you. Today was to be a travel day going from Nairobi to Eldoret. The plan was to take an early morning plane and then meet with pastors in the city for tomorrow’s leadership conference...


More Transformational Leadership Training in Kenya

Written by Bruce Witt

- Plus Renewing Your Energy in Serving the Lord

My hosts, Onesmus and Joyce Weru are truly amazing servants of the Lord. As they have worked tirelessly over the years with thousands of pastors here in Kenya, their heart’s desire is to equip leaders to take the Gospel to the everyone including the least, the last, and the lost. Many of these pastors have a true calling and a huge heart, yet they need training in leadership. It is from that background and need that we arranged meetings and gave One Leader training...

3 Principles for Discovering God’s Purpose

Written by Bruce Witt

Shaping Our Lives to Follow His Plan

Like most Christians, you’re aware of the “finding your purpose” craze in sermons, small group studies, training, and live events. Millions of books have been sold on the topic. Instead of the traditional perspective, let’s take a closer look at purpose from a specific, spiritual angle that must begin with the Lord. Three principles about purpose must be laid as the foundation for a purpose to be genuine, strong and lasting...


Leading in Uncertain Times in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Written by Bruce Witt

Why and How to Use the SERVE Model

Leadership Revolution partnered with Cultura Financiera to teach and train 100 top business executives in the capital city of Honduras – Tegucigalpa on “Leading in Uncertain Times.” Together we partnered with one of the largest churches in the city who already have a thriving business ministry and introduced the SERVE Leadership Model...

How to make your Life count

Written by Bruce Witt

New Teaching in Soy Tsebaoth Church - Tegucigalpa, Honduras

During a recent trip to Honduras, I had the privilege of speaking in one of the most influential churches in Tegucigalpa – So Tsebaoth Church. They have several thousand people attending numerous churches and satellites. My message was on "Making Your Life Count"...

3 Powerful Purposes of God’s Calling

Written by Bruce Witt

The Provision of Purpose

God’s plan begins with His “calling” us. The Lord wants every person to have an eternal relationship with Him by accepting the gift of forgiven and salvation from our sins. God wants a love relationship with us. “God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1:9. What is a calling? Read more...


Partnering with For His Glory in Tanzania

Written by Bruce Witt

Preaching the Gospel to some 450,000 People

For His Glory is an evangelism ministry working in Iringa, Tanzania. Earlier this they held a series of festivals and preached the gospel to some 450,000 people with over 79,000 making commitments to Christ... 



Sending out Trainers of Entrepreneurs to Latin America

Written by Bruce Witt

Guatemala City, Guatemala

In mid-November, we trained 20 trainers for the Micro-MBA Project who will be working to become master-trainers. We are leaving Guatemala City to launch this project, and it has been an amazing start and will be excited to see how the Lord works in this area of ministry...


Stunning New Ministry Update from Tanzania

Written by Bruce Witt

One Leader Training in Action

We just received this new update from Mark Levesque, Director of Pastoral Ministries at For His Glory Ministries, about One Leader training being done in Tanzania. Please read his exciting update...

Training Churches Planters in China

Written by Bruce Witt

Learning about the One Leader

I have recently returned from a week in China training some 80 leaders in a rural city. These leaders have planted 1,600 home churches in central part of the country. They’re very committed to Christ and have endured many hardships to take the Gospel to over 1 billion people...


4 Ways to Live Your Purpose as a Leader

Written by Bruce Witt

Resful | Faithful | Thankful | Hopeful

A friend of mine recently asked me, “I get the idea of having a purpose and living with power in my mind, but what do I do? How do I make this practical?”

Living out your purpose is a daily activity which sometimes is filled with joy and adventure, and at other times, it is a daily perseverance and grind...


Letting Christ Lead Through Them

Written by Bruce Witt

Training Pastors in Accra, Ghana

Recently, we had the privilege of training over 100 pastors of the Ghana Baptist Convention. There were many local pastors from Accra as well as a number of key leaders in the Ghana Baptist Convention headquarters. These leaders were equipped and challenged to let Christ lead through them rather than working hard for the Lord...


New Ministry in Nkawkaw, Ghana and Sunyani, Ghana

Written by Bruce Witt

Training Leaders in the One Leader Message

We were simply overwhelmed by the response of the over 150 pastors and key leaders in Nkawkaw, Ghana and Sunyani, Ghana. The pastors came from small towns and rural villages with a hunger for Christ and a great desire to serve their people/communities...


Launching Kingdom Movements Leadership Training

Written by Bruce Witt

Central Baptist Association of New Mexico

In April, we trained about 25 pastors from the Central Baptist Association of New Mexico. The Central Baptist Association is a network of Southern Baptist Churches in Central New Mexico. The geographical area of the Association encompasses about 43% of the states' population centered around the Albuquerque metropolitan area...

Training on Lifestyle Evangelism in the New Age capital

Written by Bruce Witt

Albuquerque, New Mexico

John Naisbitt: "In turbulent times, in times of great change, people head for the two extremes: fundamentalism and personal, spiritual experience...With no membership lists or even a coherent philosophy or dogma, it is difficult to define or measure the unorganized New Age movement.”...

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