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Servant Leadership Training in Zimbabwe

Written by Bruce Witt

4 CORE Competencies of Servant Leadership

Today at our leadership conference, we did a deeper dive into The Heart of of Servant Leadership” focusing on the calling to be servant leaders and how that is applied to different needs and situations. We examined the 4 Core Competencies that frame how to be an effective, fruitful servant leader...


Meet Calson Nyathi

Written by Bruce Witt

Coordinator of the ONE Leader Training in Southern Africa

Meet my friend Calson Nyathi of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is the director of Evangelism Explosion for southern Africa and the regional coordinator for Leadership International. Calson has a passion and a heart for training pastors and spreading the gospel to those in need...

Living in Hope – Die to Self and Clarify Your Hope

Written by Bruce Witt

The Latest Attitude Boost Series Article

Hope is both a motivator and a destination at the same time. It is what gets us up every day to work in jobs we sometimes disdain. We often only have a glimpse of this hope before we fall back into the mundane and day-to-day grind. Our ultimate hope is Jesus Christ because He...

Join a Local Faith-Based Study Group in Atlanta GA

Written by Bruce Witt

The Business Roundtable Group Study

As a strong, successful business leader who also believes in Jesus Christ and seek opportunities to serve and be generous, it’s a very real challenge to stay balanced in work and life....learn more and inquire

Leaders in Rwanda Trained by the One Leader

Written by Bruce Witt

Learning the Five Disciplines of Great Leadership

God is using His content to multiply and expand His purposes through mass media and online technology in some of the most remote areas of the world. Like you, we’re celebrating how men and women are choosing to follow the One Leader, Jesus Christ...


Online Training in South Africa, India, Nigeria, and Ghana

Written by Bruce Witt

Learning the Power of Attitude

Dr Maria Denton has been busy expanding a new online training course based on the Leadership Revolution book, The Power of Attitude...

Multiple Regions Learning How to Follow the One Leader

Written by Bruce Witt

Training Leaders and Serving Churches in Paraguay

By Bruce Witt | Leadership Revolution has been very busy recently with a multi-stop journey through Paraguay teaching leaders how to follow the One Leader. Here are just a few encouraging updates –


Leaders Learning to Hear from the Lord - Having a Sacred Pace

Written by Bruce Witt

Victory in Mountains and Valleys Leadership Conference - Cairo, Egypt

Last weekend, we held a three-day conference for business and church leaders outside of Cairo near Alexandria. The focus of the conference was to encourage and equip leaders in their walk with the Lord so they, in turn, can equip others who will equip others. The goal is to release the Spirit of Christ through each individual and see multiplying fruit...


Fulfilling Your Purpose

Written by Bruce Witt

– Walk in Good Works

By Bruce Witt | “Make everyday count” is the message the Lord instilled in my heart several years ago as a result of the tragic death of my mother, Della. Life can be filled with tests and troubles not of our making. We decide how we spend our time. Here are my thoughts on a purpose-focused life...


Be Your Best - Model and Grow in Character

Written by Bruce Witt

An Attitude Boost Series Article

Here are the six ways that being our best translates into a picture of Godly character everyday, and I learned it back as a college student at Montana State University...

Leadership in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty

Written by Bruce Witt

What should Godly leadership be doing when people are panicking, confused, and struggling?

In times of crisis and uncertainty, leadership is probably the single most critical component that will make a difference in the lives of the people you are leading and in making a difference in the families, community, organizations, and world we are impacting. Spiritual leaders are a conduit for the Lord to work through and model Godly behavior, exercise wisdom in their strategy and decision making, be compassionate, and take the right action...


Do Not Fear

Written by Bruce Witt

God’s Promises and Provisions

Overcoming fear is found in the character of God and His promises. These promises give us hope that fuels our faith...


Handling the Uncertainty and Trials of Life

Written by Bruce Witt

An Inward and Outward Battle

We face difficult days ahead with many unknowns. People will be panicking and reacting, looking for someone to blame. In these times of great uncertainty and trials, we need to make wise choices as they relate to our inner man and our outward perspective... 

In Times of Great Loss, Do Not Lose Heart

Written by Bruce Witt

- the latest from the “Living in Hope with the One Leader” Bible Study Series

We may difficult days ahead with many unknowns.There will be anger, fear, despair, and even death. We will lose jobs, money, and efficiency. But we must not lose heart! In fact, as Christians, we should be a beacon of hope and encouragement to a lost world in need. This can only be accomplished by Christ living in and through us by His Spirit, being sustained by God’s eternal Word. The following are some thoughts from the verses referenced below...


Contagious Grace

Written by Bruce Witt

Applying 2 Corinthians 4 to Extend it to Others

With the life of Christ in us, we can walk by faith so that we are conduits of His grace that is viral and spreads to all. The result of this contagion of grace is speaking forth thanksgiving and glorifying God. Here are more points to embrace and live out this idea of contagious grace from this passage in 2 Corinthians 4...
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