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International Impact

Leadership Revolution has been given the opportunity to regularly impact leaders across the globe in Asia, Africa, Europe, South Americal and Europe. Our international efforts include:
Teaching: Conferences and workshops
Training: Train Trainers who will teach others
Coaching: Private sessions to encourage leaders and trainers to grow in their ability to integrate the biblical leadership principles into their lives and their own training efforts.
Curriculum: Translate conference materials, bible studies and books into native languages such as Swahili, Spanish and others.
international efforts
We work with partner organizations globally to train their leaders directly and develop trainers who will be able to continue traning leaders utilizing the various leadership curriculum.  
Our partners include:
  • CBMC International
  • Walk Thru the Bible
  • Compass Ministries
  • CPEC
  • Kingdom Leader Investment - Indonesia, Africa, South America, Mexico and Kenya
  • Ken Boa - Reflection Ministries
  • Maximum Resources