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Why Donate?


Donate to the expanding outreach of Leadership Revolution. 

Leadership Revolution has graciously been able to train thousands of leaders with the One Leader message in 2020 with the help of our strategic global partners. 

To expand the One Leader message and train these willing leaders, our strategy continues to come to fruition.

[Download a Copy] of the Leadership Revolution 2020 Ministry in Review Report. Our 2021 focus is continuing to multiply our reach via the following –

1. Virtual Spiritual Leadership Training – work has begun on building an online and mobile training platform to deliver leadership content, and we seek to train 8,000 leaders.

2. Continued Strategic Partnerships with Global Organizations to Help Aid Starving Pastors – in addition to meeting spiritual and training needs, we also want to help meet their physical needs via these organizations:

a. Harvesters and Crisis Response Network – 200 pastors in 10 countries
b. Leadership International – 75 pastors in 6 countries
c. Cross Ministries – 50 pastors in India
3. New Book – the new book entitled Exceptional Execution will train leaders on the business and ministry acumen to fulfill their God-given plans with excellence.
4. Continued Strategic Partnerships with Other Ministry Organizations –
a. Harvesters International – South Africa (65 countries, 70,000 churches planted, and 8,000 trained leaders)
b. For His Glory Ministries – Africa (5,000 trained leaders)
c. MELTI – Middle East Leadership Training Institute (23 countries, and 2,000 trained leaders)
d. Leadership International – Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe (3,000 trained leaders)
e. FCCI – Fellowship of Companies for Christ
f. CBMC India - Christian Business Men’s Connection
5. Grow Ministry in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area
a. Iron Forums – CEO Roundtable
b. Leadership Roundtable

Leadership Revolution Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and solely relies on donor gifts to fund our work. We do not receive revenue from our strategic partners or the resources that they use. Your gifts and donations are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

[Download a Copy] of the Leadership Revolution 2020 Ministry in Review Report. 

Please consider becoming a monthly financial partner or make a one-time online gift. Thank you.

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