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One Leader Training Resources

In addition to leading live training events in the U.S. and other regions around the world, we also provide free online video training.

This online training is generously provided by the donors and partners of this organization to develop leaders that seek to follow the

One Leader, Jesus Christ.

Learn more about live training opportunities.

There is One Leader and You Are...Not It! Video Training

In this in-depth, powerful training series, There is One Leader and You are….Not It!, Bruce Witt shares the seven foundational principles that Jesus Christ, the One Leader, established to eternally impact the world around us.

This is the foundational teaching for this organization and how we train leaders. Here are the complimentary materials that can be downloaded to accompany the videos below:

The video playlist below contains 9 video training clips for this series. To access all nine clips, click the "1/9" icon in the top righthand corner.

Purchase the book.



“Living in Hope with the One Leader” Bible Study Series

To keep us focused on the ultimate One Leader, Jesus Christ, we’re offering this new Bible study series containing free study downloads as a complimentary gift to you.
Through the year 2020, we’ll continue to add new Bible studies to help supplement your normal Bible study time. We encourage you to use them in any of the following ways:
  • Personal Bible study with you and/or your spouse and family
  • Group Bible study with your church, small group, or professional group
  • Churchwide Bible study if you’re a pastor or church leader
  • Staff or employee encouragement if you’re a business owner
Download any of the following PDF studies and share with others:

A Crisis Game Plan for Leaders

“A Crisis Game Plan for Leaders” outlines six broad categories that will help leaders navigate problems, build stronger organizations, and come through the valley better equipped to have a Kingdom impact. This is designed to be both spiritually sound and practically useful.
This “A Crisis Game Plan for Leaders” addresses foundational factors, practical processes, focused behaviors, overcoming obstacles, and finally how to grow leaders in the midst of challenges.
Download a Copy (in PDF format)

On Mission! Workshop

This workshop will help leaders establish and clarify their purpose.
Conducted in 1 - 3 hour formats.
Contact Us for details.

TeamWork Wins! Training

A teaching series to build stronger teams of leaders.

This series can be conducted as a 1-hour overview or 2-8 hour training event. 

Contact Us for details.